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Controls Overview

The lightning fast RTP3000 TAS N+ is a rack based safety and control system developed for safety and critical control applications and has the highest performance and availability in the marketplace. RTP3000 TAS N+ is highly scalable and can be used in applications of any size, from the smallest safety applications to the largest and most critical process and turbomachinery control applications.

RTP3000 TAS N+ is deployed in SIL 1-3 applications from a few local I/O points to a distributed system with tens of thousands of I/O points. The RTP3000 TAS N+ has an excellent price point backed by a 10 year warranty.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ solves mission critical safety and control applications pretty much in any industry. It has configurable redundancy and can be designed for simplex, DMR, TMR and QMR applications. Due to its fast scan rate, it is also suitable for high speed DAQ and Advanced Process Control applications. The system can perform all functions and solve 500 PID control loops every msec. With a multi CPU architecture adding processing capability as the system is expanded, we guarantee that the processing speed is maintained. This makes RTP3000 TAS N+ the fastest control system available in the market. From a hardware and performance standpoint the system is unique no matter what you compare it to.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ can be easily integrated to any DCS system in the market via Modbus TCP/IP or OPC.

NetSuite is the engineering environment and development tool for RTP3000 TAS N+. The applications included are: NetArrays Configurator, RTPView HMI Program, RTPADA Alarms/Data Archive/Historian, PTDBM Tag Database, and RTPOPC. NetSuite has to be purchased only once at a set price, with support and upgrades included for the life of the system. There are no price escalations due to I/O quantities while offering unlimited use of the applications. The software also includes a simulator which allows the user to test the logic before downloading it onto a live system.

Overall it is the only system in the market that has achieved cyber security certification according to EDSA-300 Level II, IEC 62443-4 with AES encryption algorithm, and ISO/IEC 18033-3.

RTP3000 TAS N+ has a large installed base within chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, and nuclear, with some of the largest companies in the world, and has an unparalleled return on investment.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ advantages are: RUNS FASTER – NEVER STOPS – COSTS LESS.

In addition to providing excellent hardware and software platforms, TIC International can also take the full responsibility for the engineering and development of your safety and control applications, control cabinets, instrumentation, valves, VFDs, installation, and commissioning. We engineer any safety related application, like ESD, SIS, F&G, BMS, HIPPS, and Overfill Prevention, as well as process control and applications for rotating equipment, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, and compressors. Alternatively, we can train your own engineers to develop your projects on the RTP3000 TAS N+ platform.

In addition to our rack based control system, we also have our SC-series fully programmable multi-function 3” x 6” (72 x 144 mm) PID loop controllers, with highly visible color graphic 4.3” TFT, 256 colors LCD display. The SC-series is fully compatible in format and functionality with all existing PID controllers in the market, which makes the controller ideal for replacing existing older 3” x 6” controllers. The controllers have an intuitive touch panel, advance computation, and sequential control functions. Modbus RTU or TCP/IP is available for easy integration into DCS or SCADA systems. The SC-series can be used for many applications beside controls, like DAQ, or as flow computer with high frequency pulse inputs.

  • Simplex, DMR, TMR, or QMR configuration
  • Safety and control possible in the same controller
  • 1 msec scan rate, 5 msec screw to screw (worst case)
  • Configurable redundancy
  • SIL-3 proof test interval not required
  • Unlimited online logic and configuration downloads
  • Highly scalable
  • >99.9999% availability – Comprehensive diagnostics
  • MTTFS >60.000 years – Reduction in nuisance trips
  • IEC 61508 Rev.2 (2010) SIL-3
  • IEC 61131-6 SIL-3
  • EDSA-300 Level II
  • 10 years' warranty
  • NetSuite – one control engine, development tool and engineering environment with PC based simulator, multiple applications, and no HW or SW keys