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RTP3000 TAS N+ is a rack based PLC system developed for safety and process control applications with the highest performance and availability in the marketplace. RTP3000 TAS N+ is highly scalable and can be deployed in applications of any size from a few local I/O points to a fully distributed system with tens of thousands of I/O points.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ is SIL 1-3 approved by TÜV to run both control and safety functions in the same controller and solve process control, mission critical safety and mission critical control applications in any industry. It has configurable redundancy and can be designed for simplex, DMR, TMR and QMR applications. Due to its fast scan rate, it is also suitable for high speed DAQ and Advance Process Control applications. The system can perform all system functions and solve 500 PID control loops per msec. Thanks to a multi-CPU architecture that adds processing capability as the system is expanded, we can guarantee that the processing speed is maintained. This makes it the fastest PLC system available in the market.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ can easily communicate with any other system via Modbus TCP/IP or OPC.

In conclusion, the RTP3000 TAS N+ system basically has everything needed for any kind of control and safety requirement fully integrated into one platform with an excellent price point backed by a 10 year warranty.

In addition to providing excellent hardware and software platforms, TIC can engineer and commission any safety related applications like ESD, SIS, F&G, BMS, HIPPS and Overfill Prevention, as well as process control applications and rotating equipment applications. We can also train your own engineers to develop on the RTP3000 TAS N+ platform.