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RTP3000 TAS N+ Safety

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) should always take the process it protects to a safe state, when it is required to do so, and it should never interfere with the operation of the process at any other time.

Every company that operates an industrial process wants to do so safely without harm to the environment, to employees, or to the community. At the same time, every company that operates an industrial process needs to maintain production with limited unnecessary interruptions in order to remain profitable. The RTP3000 TAS N+ was designed to accommodate both of these requirements.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ is typically deployed in safety applications like Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Emergency Shut Down System (ESD), Fire & Gas System (F&G), Burner Management System (BMS), High Impact Pressure Protection System (HIPPS), and Overfill Prevention System (OPS).

The structure of a safety system is determined on the back of a HAZOP-LOPA. A HAZOP-LOPA is a structured and systematic examination of a complex process to assess the level of risk to personnel or assets and to determine what layers of protection are needed to handle a process upset. LOPA has also proven to be an excellent approach for determining the safety integrity level (SIL) necessary for an instrumented safety system.

The RTP3000 TAS N+ is the ultimate system to be deployed in any safety or mission critical application. The system is SIL 1-3 approved by TÜV and it can be designed in Simplex, DMR, TMR or QMR configuration. The system has configurable redundancy, which means that the whole system doesn’t need to have the same level of redundancy and can be deployed just where it is needed. Due to the high level of diagnostics that constantly run in the background, SIL-3 proof test interval is not required. This, together with a scan time of 1 msec (5 msec screw to screw worst case), and an availability of >99.9999% (six nines), all backed by a 10-year warranty, gives the user the highest performing safety system in the marketplace combined with the best return on investment.

TIC we can engineer your safety system and can also size and deliver SIL-rated transmitters and final elements.