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FUJI SC 210 Series Controllers

Fully programmable multi-function PID controller

The SC 210 Series is a fully programmable multi-function PID controller with a highly visible color graphic 4.3“ TFT, 256 colors LCD display. The controller has an intuitive touch panel, advanced computation and sequential control functions.

The SC 210 series is fully compatible in format and functionality with all existing PID controllers in the market, which makes the controller ideal for replacing existing 3x6” older controllers.

Control, display and I/O functions are managed by independent CPUs for enhanced security and reliability. In addition, the SC 210 series has a built-in manual loader and a backup controller that takes over in case of failure of the main controller module. The main control module and the backup control module have individual power supplies for increased reliability.

The SC 210 series has Modbus RTU or TCP, which enable easy connection to datalogging or SCADA system. In addition, the controller has NestBus for peer-to-peer communication with other controllers and I/O devices for flexibility of I/O points.

  • Dimension: 72x144 mm (3x6”)
  • Inputs
    • 2 x universal inputs (4-20 mA, VDC, T/C, RTD, Ω)
    • 4 x 1-5 VDC
    • 5 x discrete/pulse
    • 1 x discrete/high speed pulse
  • Outputs
    • 2 x 4-20 mA
    • 2 x 1-5 VDC
    • 5 x relay or photo MOSFET relay contact
    • 1 x RUN relay contact
  • PID control: single loop, cascade, advanced
  • Logic and step sequence
  • 48 function blocks available for arithmetic operations, time functions, signal selection, limit, alarm and other functions
  • Auto-tuning: limit cycle method
  • Cycle time: variable between 50 ms to 3 sec
  • Main and backup control with separate power supply
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC
  • Self-diagnostics functionallity
  • Infrared communication
  • Modbus RTU or TCP for datalogging or connection to a SCADA system
  • NestBus for peer-to-peer communication with other controllers or with I/O extension modules