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Flow Nozzles

Accurately measures flow

Flow nozzles are recommended for steam and water applications and also suitable for other liquids and gases. Each flow nozzle is manufactured in strict accordance with recommendations set forth in the ASME Fluid Meters Handbook and ASME Piping Design Codes. Each flow nozzle is computer designed for optimum accuracy and performance.

Welding is accomplished by code certified welders in conformance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes. In order to assure a highly polished transition and throat section, it is recommended that stainless steel is used. Upon special request nozzles can be made from virtually any material.

Uncalibrated accuracy of ±2% and calibrated accuracy of ±0,25%.

Flow capacity is 60% greater for flow nozzles than for orifice plates with the same beta ratio. Flow nozzles have a less damming effect on solids or foreign matter in the flow stream than orifice plates. Nozzles sustain accuracy and wear qualities over a longer period of time than orifice plates .

To find information about suitable differential pressure transmitters follow the links: EDGE•P FCX-AII V5 FKC Differential Pressure Transmitter or EDGE•P FCX-AII VG FKC Differential Pressure Transmitter with Safety Function

  • The standard "Flanged Flow Nozzle" is the most commonly used flow nozzle. It is designed to be inserted between pipe flanges. A special machined shoulder on the back side of the nozzle assures the proper alignment of the nozzle with the pipe inside diameter. This style flow nozzle utilizes pipe wall taps
  • The "Tapped Type Flanged Flow Nozzle", is basically the same as the "Flanged" type. A downstream tap, usually a ½" connection, is provided in the flange of the nozzle. This style nozzle is recommended in smaller line sizes where the downstream tap usually interferes with the pipe weld or downstream holding flange
  • The "Weld-In Flow Nozzle" is designed to be installed permanently in a pipe section. This nozzle has a specially machined step on the outside diameter that is used to align a beveled inlet and outlet bored pipe section. This type of nozzle is widely used where high temperature and pressure applications prohibit the use of pipe flanges such as in power plants and feed water installations. Pipe wall taps are utilized with this type of nozzle
  • The Holding Ring Flow Nozzle type is designed so that the welding of dissimilar materials is eliminated. The holding ring and locating pins are made of the same material as the pipe in which the nozzle is to be installed. This allows the nozzle to be offered in a wide range of materials. This type is not recommended for line sizes below 4”