Technology Solutions

7300WX Series

High Performance UPS System

The Fuji UPS 7300WX Series is made of an I/O module, a control module and a UPS module. The power delivered is 330 kVA with 97.3% efficiency (99% in high-efficiency mode)

The new modular structure accommodates easy replacement of the power unit and any field upgrades.

Compared to legacy products, the weight of the power modules has been reduced by 44% resulting in a replacement work time reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes.

All key components like the SiC Hybrid Module (SBD)*, AT-NPC and RB-IGBT are Fuji Electric manufactured.

The efficiency of Fuji UPS 7300WX Series is more than 0.5% higher than competition.

  • Capacity: 330 kVA
  • Efficiency: 97.3% at 100% load (99% in high efficiency mode)
  • Approvals: UL, OSHPD and Energy Star