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Packaged Drive Solution for Fans/Pumps

Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-EcoPAK series provides a compliant and competitive packaged drive solution. By applying Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-EcoPAK to fans and pumps instead of mechanical flow control devices, lower energy bills, reduction in required maintenance, reduction in ambient noise and improved process control can be achieved.

  • Applicable motor capacity: 3-phase 208/230 VAC from 2 HP to 60 HP (1.5 kW to 45 kW) or 3-phase 460 VAC from 2 HP to 200 HP (1.5 kW to 149 kW)
  • Non-bypass configuration
  • Bypass for Pumps & Cooling Tower Applications: 3 contactor basic bypass
  • Bypass for Fan Applications: 3 contactor bypass
  • Integrated motor branch circuit protection, up to 100kA short circuit current rated packages
  • Reactor options for reducing harmonics
  • Soft-switching PWM drive output
  • Catch-a-spinning motor functionality
  • Enhanced automatic energy savings, reduces power consumption of both motor and drive
  • Quick-start programming menu for ease of start-up
  • Power monitoring from the drive’s keypad
  • Built-in PID control with sleep function
  • Available in UL Type 1 and Type 12 enclosures
  • 3-years warranty