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Packaged Drive Solution for Pumps

The FRENIC-EcoPUMP UL type 3R packaged drives are designed for outdoor pumping applications. The FRENIC-EcoPUMP offers specific pump application features like PID control with sleep mode & boost, broken pipe detection, pipe fill mode, submersible pump start control, transducer feedback signal loss detection and more. Additional benefits include less peripheral equipment required, easy maintenance, energy savings, improved process control and reduced mechanical stress on the pumping system.

  • Applicable motor capacity: 3-phase 230 VAC from 5 HP to 125 HP (3.7 kW to 93 kW) or 3-phase 460 VAC from 5 HP to 600 HP (3.7 kW to 447 kW)
  • UL type 3R
  • White powder coat reflective paint to reduce solar heat gain within the enclosure
  • Thermostat controlled cooling fans or heater
  • Input circuit breaker including a pad lockable through the door operator handle that is interlocked with the enclosure door
  • Service entrance rated and labeled
  • Dual rated and labeled for 1-phase or 3-phase input power
  • Door mounted drive keypad with protective hinged cover
  • Door mounted operator controls package consisting of a Hand-Off-Auto selector switch and a speed potentiometer
  • 3-years warranty