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High Performance Multifunctional Inverters

Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-MEGA drive series is a high performance and multifunctional series of inverters providing the industry’s highest performance for three-phase motor applications. It utilizes Fuji Electric’s own IGBT technology. The series offers expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support ½ HP (0.37 kW) through 1000 HP (746 kW).

The inverters are designed for 24/7 operation with embedded motor protection and critical maintenance functions, meeting the requirements of various simple and complex industrial applications and achieving lower maintenance costs and improved protection of environmental conditions.

  • Applicable motor capacity: 3-phase 230 VAC from ½ HP to 150 HP (0.37 kW to 112 kW) or 3-phase 460 VAC from ½ HP to 1000 HP (0.37 kW to 746 kW)
  • Sensorless vector control mode
  • Customizable logic
  • Removable control terminals
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO) input
  • Built-in braking transistor
  • 3 ports for optional cards
  • Keypad with display
  • 3-years warranty
  • USB keypad
  • Fieldbus communication card
  • I/O expansion adapter
  • External cooling adapter
  • NEMA/UL Type 1 kit