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MD6N-24 Conduit Mounted

MD6N-24 Lightning Surge Protector

The MD6N-24 is a lightning surge protector for 4-20 mA signal line and pulse signal line use, including both 4-wire and 2-wire transmitters. The MD6N-24 surge protector is designed to be installed directly in a conduit of any outdoor instrument enclosure or transmitter housing and absorbs the surges only, without affecting the instrumentation signal.

  • G ½”, ½” NPT or M20 x 1.5 connections
  • Body material in nickel-plated brass or stainless steel 316
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Max surge voltage is 40 V line to line and ±650 V line to ground
  • Response time is ≤ 4 nsec line to line and ≤ 20 nsec line to ground
  • Intrinsically safe, explosion-proof, flame-proof or non-incendive according to ATEX or FM