We deliver customized engineered solutions that solve specific operational challenges for our customers via flawless project execution.

The largest petrochemical company in Europe, with about 22,000 employees on site, engaged TIC International for the controls retrofit of their three steam-turbine-driven compressor-trains of their Methanol plant. TIC International had the overall responsibility for the execution of the project including managing all sub-contractors. The scope included overall project management, lead engineer on site, complete control cabinets with integrated control systems, industrial PCs with 21” touchscreen, engineering control applications (antisurge, performance control, and speed control), and commissioning. The control cabinets were built off site and a witnessed FAT was performed prior to shipping the cabinets to site for installation. The design of the new control cabinets was based on the old control cabinets for shortest possible switchover. SAT was performed after installation of the control cabinets in the control room prior to commissioning activities on site.

A shipping company that operates a large fleet of barges transporting petrochemicals, refined products, black oil, and more along the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific coast has engaged TIC International for its modernization program. As part of the modernization program, the tanks on the barges are being equipped with radar level instruments to ensure better control of the loading/offloading process, less spill, and less environmental impact. No power is available on the barges, hence the need for an off-grid solar power solution. TIC International has been asked to design and deliver the EDGE•R Off-Grid Solar Power Solution to power the radar level instruments with 24 VDC. The main design criteria were non-stationary application, over 10 days' autonomy, galvanic isolation between instruments, hazardous area classification, robustness to withstand hurricanes and tropical storms. A second, fully redundant, design has been developed as an alternative including dual charge controller and battery banks. Systems are continuously being shipped, have been successfully commissioned, and are currently operated.

A major terminal operator in southern USA has engaged TIC International for the design of what has become EDGE•R UPS Power Management for multi-point temperature measurement with wireless signal transmission and visualization. When rail cars come into the terminal for off-loading of oil products, before starting the pumps to off-load, the oil products need to be heated up to lower the viscosity in order not to damage the pumps. To ensure that the temperature has reached the desired level, a temperature lance with five measuring points has been designed. Temperature transmitters are installed in the connection head of the temperature lance. The EDGE•R UPS Power Management has been designed to power the entire solution and wirelessly transmit the measured temperature values to the control room and to the operators on site, for visualization, alarm handling, and archiving.

TIC International is involved in multiple infrastructure projects around the world supplying key components to Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). TBMs come in different designs and subsets depending on the geology they operate in, like hard rock, soft ground, variable geology, fractured hard rock, and fractured rock with water inflows. The TBMs are used to bore different kind of tunnels, like train and subway tunnels, car tunnels, cable tunnels, and more. Just to get some perspective on these incredible machines, the world largest TBM has a diameter of 14.4 m (47.2 ft) and was used in the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Project, in Canada. TIC International’s Earth Pressure Sensors, EPS, are an integral part of the TBM and provide input signals to the control system. They are currently in operation in the construction of the Réseau Express Métropolitan (REM) light rail system in Montreal, QC, Canada, of the New Delhi Metro Extension project in New Delhi, India, and more. TIC International’s design team can tailor EPS to fit any TBM and application you have.

TIC International is a qualified and approved supplier to the City of Houston Public Works. As the cost of water continues to increase, it becomes more and more important to ensure that we manage this asset and accurately measure the water intake and the water consumption. The applications for magnetic flowmeters in Water & Waste Water plants are many. Magnetic flowmeters are used for control purposes, chemical dosing for water treatment, leak detection, net flow calculation when pulsating flow can occur, and more. The picture shows the delivery of a 30” (DN750) magnetic flowmeter for a water intake application at the City of Houston.